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Vaccination for pets

Some people consider the cost of booster vaccinations an unnecessary expense. This is a risky strategy. The widespread reduction in the levels of these largely fatal diseases has arisen from the use of vaccination protocols and is only maintained by their continued use. Reduction in the use of vaccination protocols will lead to increased outbreaks. The annual cost of vaccinating pets is pence per week especially if you are a member of our pet health plan. (link to php)

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Vaccinations for your pet

Protect your pets from common illnesses and disease by keeping them up to date with their yearly vaccinations.

Vaccination and annual health checks

Regular health check-ups are important for the long-term health and welfare of all pets. Routine examinations allow us to take a pro-active role in preventive health care. Actual or imminent health problems will hopefully be spotted earlier and appropriate treatment or preventive action taken. We carry out a full physical examination and health check as part of the annual booster vaccinations that are recommended for all dogs, cats and rabbits. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss any aspect of your pet’s health or well-being that is of concern to you.

It is of course possible to perform health examinations at times other than the annual vaccination.



Remember one human year is considered equivalent to seven for a dog or cat.  If your pet is on an ongoing medication, then it will require more regular check ups to allow us to keep prescribing.